Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hollywood Party

For my daughters 4th grade end of year party, I decided on a Hollywood theme.

At Party City I bought a Hollywood Style Banner that you could create yourself.  The letter stickers looked like lit up lightbulbs.  See link.

On the banner I put "Mr. Doutrich's Hollywood Party!"  I had a red plastic table cloth taped to the carpet as our "red carpet!"  The kids lined up on the red carpet and were handed a ticket to our movie premier, "Scooby Doo Goes to Hollywood."  While the kids were waiting to get into the movie, one by one we had them stand in front of the sign so the paparazzi could get pictures, several parents had cameras!  I bought props for the children, a top hot, sunglasses, feather boa and a cane, the kids really hammed it up!

Rock Star!

Me goofin' around!

Inside the classroom I had some other hollywood type signs hanging around. The chairs were lined up movie theater style.

Before we viewed the movie, we had our award ceremony.  I came up with a list of awards the week before and had the teacher decide who would get which award.  I then had him pass them out.  Here is a great link for these awards.
Along with the award, we presented a movie size box/bar of candy.  For example if the child received the "Dove Award", for always keeping class peace, we gave them a giant Dove bar.  We opted not to serve popcorn since the kids had candy, but popcorn is a great idea too!  The last award was presented to the teacher, this is a good time to give them their end of year thank you gift.

After the award ceremony, we then played the movie for the kids.  After the movie, they played various games in the classroom: bowling, hula hoop, bingo.

If you have any additional ideas, questions or comments, please let me know!

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